Family Enterprise

Family Enterprise

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It all started in the late 19th century when Francesco Bertazzoni, founder of the dynasty, saw wood burning stoves arriving in his home town Guastalla on a new railroad that connected with the industrial centers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

These wood-burning stoves set Francesco to thinking, and with his son Antonio he decided to make stoves like the ones they had seen from the north – just for local use to begin with, and in very small quantities. So in 1882 the Bertazzoni company was born.

The family built their first factory in 1909, and expanded again In the 1920s making cooking stoves on a much larger scale.

The new stoves were soon a success, and before long the Bertazzoni name become known across Italy. 

Growing and changing

After the upheavals of the 1930s and 40s the family began to grow the company again. The discovery of oil and gas in the Po River Basin in the 1950s brought new wealth to the region.

Wood burning stoves of the 1930s ready for the market in the Guastalla warehouse.

Recognising that gas was the way forward, the Bertazzoni family began to produce gas stoves in 1955, further perfected with the addition of an oven in 1958. Although competition was fierce, the company continued to prosper throughout the 1950s and 60s.Wood burning stoves of the 1930s ready for the market in the Guastalla warehouse.

An advertising poster from 1954. 
In 1979, the company received the Reggio Emilia award for exports.

A new chapter in Bertazzoni’s fortunes began in 1959-60 when the first exports were made to the Mediterranean area, and then soon after further afield in Europe. By the late 1960s and early 70s Bertazzoni were selling their cookers as far away as the Philippines and Singapore.

The company finally came to the North American market in 2005 introducing the Bertazzoni Professional Series, specifically developed to meet needs and aspirations of the American home.

Current head of the family firm Paolo Bertazzoni with his sister Elisabetta.

Paolo Bertazzoni joined the family firm as an Economics and Business graduate in 1981. With his sister Elisabetta, he soon gave fresh impetus to the company’s competitive edge, using top Milan designers to replace the products’ utilitarian look with Italian elegance and finesse.

Large modern plants were built in the 1990s as expansion continued. Constantly improving in efficiency, production has doubled since 1998.

Bertazzoni cooking machines are today sold throughout Italy and exported to 60 countries around the world selling at the top end of the market through a quality dealer network.

For all its modernisation and global marketing, Bertazzoni respects its roots in the traditions of Italian culture and style, and that it remains a specialist in the very personal craft of cooking.