Falling in love with cinema in the very heart of Turin

Visiting Turin is a pleasure, especially for those who love history and culture. The city of Fiat Automobiles, the Royal House of Savoy and of gianduiotti (typical chocolates in the shape of upturned boats) will surprise you with its regality, its architecture and its vibrant cultural life, where past and present merge. 

 Do not miss the most representative building in Turin, the Mole Antonelliana - once the tallest masonry building in Europe - which still looks solid and defines the city skyline, being 163.35 meters high (536 ft). It is called Antonelliana since it was built by Alessandro Antonelli and completed by his son Costanzo in 1889. It is a compelling sight for those who see it for the first time: while strolling around the city, you just have to turn a corner to find yourself in front of its grandeur. It is impressive from the outside and very interesting inside.

It contains a jewel: the National Museum of Cinema. We recommend spending a few hours there, so that you can immerse yourself in a world apart: the world of cinema. It has been an interactive museum and an utterly innovative one since its origins. It is visited by levels, from bottom to top. Begin by the ground floor, where you can explore the exhibition dedicated to the Mole Antonelliana and as you go up to the other levels, you will undertake a journey through the different sections: the Archeology of Cinema, the Temple Hall, the Film Machine and the Poster Gallery. A journey through the history of cinema, to discover this art interactively, thanks to visual-tactile prototypes and different videos, in a unique environment, surrounded by iconic objects of the big screen. You can climb even higher, up to the dome, to fully appreciate Antonelli's architecture and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

Your journey through cinema can continue, after leaving the museum, if you are equipped with “Turin, the city of cinema", a new app that allows you to discover the shots taken in 20 locations of 24 films, all set in Turin. Equipped with online audio guides, it is a valuable instrument for those who love the cinema and wish to rediscover many places of the city in a new light.