The Bertazzoni Assistant

Created by renowned Italian chef consultant Roberto Carcangiu for Bertazzoni Professional and Design Series, the Bertazzoni Assistant has been designed so that you, the cook, remain in control, without being obliged to monitor the cooking all the time.

 It consists of a specially-developed micro-processor control system, with exclusive settings. To use the Assistant, you decide on the main ingredient and its size/weight. You also select the type of cooking, including slow cooking, and the desired finish. At this point the Assistant takes over and continuously adjusts functions, temperature and time. Once the manual cooking of a particular dish has been completed, you can save it to the oven’s memory for future automatic use. The retrieve function allows you to repeat automatically the cooking method of any dish you have previously saved. There are no pre-loaded recipes, only suggested cooking methods organized in food categories and desired results. Simple, versatile, useful, the Bertazzoni Assistant lets you build up your own bank of cooking methods that are yours only.

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