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Tips And Techniques
February, 2011
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Valentina Bertazzoni

Keep boiling water for sautéed pasta

Do not throw away all the boiling water, keep one glass of water aside and use it get a more uniform blend of flavours and, when sautéeing, to amalgamate the gravy.

There are two reasons to do this: the first one is that you can really save your pasta if you have dried it too much, for example if you are tossing it in a hot pan with other ingredients or simply if your time management is not so perfect, as sometimes happens when cooking.

The second reason has to do with chemistry: the water in which you boil the pasta collects starch. Once heated again it expands and mixes very well with the gravy and the pasta. Get a sumptuous presentation and a pleasant creamy feel to the palate, not an oily one, but much lighter!