Tips And Techniques
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Cuts of meat

Here are a few tips to obtain an excellent meat dish. First and foremost it is essential to know how to choose the suitable cutting. I have listed for you, below, the main types of cooking, next to the recommended cuts of meat, both in British English and American English, when the words differed:

1. BOILED MEAT: plate, brisket, thick rib.
2. BRAISED MEAT: plate, shank, shin, leg.

3. BROTHS: brisket, shank, foreshank, shin, leg, tail.

4. CASSEROLES: round, topside, silverside, shank, foreshank, shin, leg.
5. ESCALOPES: rump.
6. FILETS: tenderloin.
7. GOULASH: brisket.

8. HAMBURGERS: flank, plate.
9. MEAT SAUCE: flank, plate.

10. MINCED MEAT: flank, plate.
11. POT ROASTS: shank, round, thick flank.
12. ROAST BEEF: ribs, rump, sirloin.
13. ROAST MEAT: plate, brisket, round, round steak, topside, chuck, brisket, thick rib.
14. SIRLOIN STEAKS: sirloin.
16. STEAKS: sirloin, short loin, rib.
17. STEWS: plate, round, topside, silverside, thick flank.

18. STUFFED VEAL ROLL: plate, flank.