Ethical Code and Privacy Policy
Goals of Ethical Code

A Ethical Code describes behaviours, values and criteria upon which good behaviour in daily activity should be based. Thus, ethical behaviour is defined as the way in which individuals who constitute and operate within in a company act, in accordance with the principles and values of the company involved. This document sets out appropriate values which the Company intends to adopt, so that its operation takes place through correct, straightforward company procedures. This Ethical Code asserts its principles of moral integrity, propriety, legality and compliance with applicable law. Such principles are intended for those who are an integral part of Bertazzoni S.p.A. including all the companies that constitute the Bertazzoni Group. As a result, the Code is intended for the Company’s Directors, members of its governing bodies, employees, internal and external collaborators, customers, suppliers, and everyone who directly or indirectly has a relationship with the Company. Those bound by the Code are required to comply with what is contained and affirmed in this document, so as to operate with transparency and loyalty in every Company process.

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Privacy Policy
Safety and Health at work are crucial to ensure the well-being and productivity of workers. Preventing accidents and occupational illnesses not only protects individuals but also maintains the continuity of business operations. Investing in safety measures not only reduces the costs associated with injuries but also enhances the company's reputation and image. A safe working environment fosters trust and commitment among employees, increasing their satisfaction and motivation. Additionally, adhering to safety regulations is essential to avoid legal sanctions and protect the company from potential financial and reputational risks. Ultimately, prioritizing safety and health at work is both an ethical and practical imperative for any organization concerned with the welfare of its employees and long-term success.