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Induction and electric heating: fast and clean
Electric induction and electric CERAN® cooktops add an elegant and clean look to your kitchen, with the added advantage of faster induction heating.
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Steam cooking: healthy options
Cooking food with steam helps retain food's natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
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Speed cooking: fast and efficient
Our speed cooking ovens offer the benefits of a multi-function electric convection system and broiler as well as microwave oven and are big enough to cook for the whole family.
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Gas cooking: the choice of professionals
Many professional cooks prefer to cook with gas because of its versatility and controllability. And the benefits are appreciated by many home chefs as well as, helping them produce dishes that are beautifully cooked. Bertazzoni gas ovens and gas burners are intuitive to operate and will give you confidence to try new dishes and styles of cooking.
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Cook like a pro with Bertazzoni Assistant
The Bertazzoni Assistant uses smart technology to help you produce perfect dishes again and again. Cooking by desired results means the Assistant selects for you a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperatures and times to deliver deliciously tender roasts.
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Bertazzoni Dishwashers: clean machines
After the meal has been prepared and enjoyed, it is time for the clean up. It’s an essential task that Bertazzoni takes seriously as a key aspect of kitchen design.
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Bertazzoni Refrigeration: Timeless cool
Refrigerators are a core building block of every kitchen. Bertazzoni offers a wide range of applications, sizes and installation options, which are all harmonized by design to match the entire kitchen appliance suite.
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Bertazzoni Built-in Columns
These premium refrigerators, freezers and wine columns are masterpieces of design and technology. Their stylish appearance reflects close attention to detail and high-quality materials, inside and out. The stainless-steel front and panel ready doors are mounted with state-of-the-art engineered lift-and-swing hinges that give the perception of a weightless range of motion.
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Bertazzoni Built-in Wine Columns
To keep your wine at its best, Bertazzoni premium wine column offers a high level of control. In addition to the perfect temperature range, you can also control the humidity through the intuitive digital controls.
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