Professional Series

Smart thinking. Clean lines. Precise design.

The beautifully designed Professional Series brings best-in-category capacity, flexibility and usability: professional performance for your kitchen at home. It has been designed as an evolution of its own distinctive style, with elegant control knobs, ergonomically designed handles and sophisticated colors. These iconic elements blend design and an innovative approach to function. This signature style has won many design awards since its introduction. The complete Professional Series kitchen suite includes freestanding ranges and built-in ovens, rangetops and cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, ventilation systems.

The coordinated kitchen

The Professional Series offers the perfect solution for every kind of appliance designed as part of the integrated kitchen suite. Every control panel, display, knob, handle and oven window of the built-in and specialty ovens align perfectly in vertical and horizontal configurations. The wide choice of state-ofthe- art technology means the Professional Series is both versatile and flexible. The sleek styling offers an exciting, clean and elegant look that balances built-in elements with freestanding ranges. All this comes together easily to help you design your perfect kitchen. The result is beautiful symmetry.


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Iconic designer controls

Reflecting the Professionals Series’ signature look, it features distinguished iconic designer control knobs. Ergonomically-designed and intuitive to use, the beveled lines provide a highly comfortable tactile experience while lending a contemporary undertone to the entire range appearance.

Coordinated handle design

Amplifying the designer look of the Professional Series, the handles on each appliance are ergonomic and pleasant to use. Reflecting the squared-off lines that are a key design feature of the Series, they immediately create a coordinated look across all Professional Series appliances in the kitchen.

Inspired by the flawless paintwork found on powerful Italian luxury sports cars, The Professional Series offers a choice of several hi-gloss finishes. Available in 5 colors – Nero, Bianco, Giallo, Arancio and Rosso. As well as being distinctly beautiful, they are also very durable, stain and fade resistant. If you prefer, you can choose stainless steel finishes for all the appliances in the Series. Made with the highest-grade stainless steel, which is brushed and polished to create a beautifully smooth surface with an interesting visual texture. Finished with an invisible anti-fingerprint finish to protect the steel, it is both beautiful and practical.
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New Carbonio Finish

Bertazzoni's unyielding commitment to the fusion of design and durability culminates in the unveiling of the revolutionary Carbonio finish. It stands not just as a finish, but as a bold declaration of our devotion to crafting beauty that withstands the test of time.


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