Lean Production
Progress in motion
Lean Production
Bertazzoni’s mission is to manufacture excellent cooking products that combine the power of high-quality engineering and the elegance of beautiful design. Every part of the manufacturing process plays a role, especially our factory. This is the very heart of the company, where Bertazzoni products are brought to life. In the early 2000s, CEO Paolo Bertazzoni decided to adopt the Toyota Manifacturing System, also known as Lean Production, in the factory.
Guaranteed flexibility and efficiency = excellence

This approach makes it possible to increase production profitability, flexibility and quality in response to the demands of the market. This Lean approach lets Bertazzoni swiftly reorganize the production in response to customer needs, while optimizing available resources. It eliminates waste and ensures maximum efficiency by perfecting every individual process, at the same time optimizing the resources available. Continuous improvement means Bertazzoni’s suppliers and factory work in complete harmony with the needs of the market. By focusing on highest quality, lowest cost and shortest lead time, Bertazzoni continually achieves excellence.

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