Cook like a pro with Bertazzoni Assistant

The Bertazzoni Assistant uses smart technology to help you produce perfect dishes again and again. Cooking by desired results means the Assistant selects for you a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperatures and times to deliver deliciously tender roasts.

Accurate and reliable

Whether you’re confident a semi-pro or a less adventurous cook, you can achieve great results every time with the help of the Bertazzoni Assistant. Its advanced digital sensors and food temperature probe help manage a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperature and timing. The result is dishes cooked to perfection with no added stress.

features / technologies
Intuitive controls

User interface navigation with instructions in clear language. Selections, progress and instructions are clearly visualized in the TFT display.


1. Set the function knob.
2. Set cooking temperature with the toggle selector knob. 
And you are cooking.


Additional time-based options - timer, end of cooking, delay start - and the food temperature probe can be set with the toggle selector knob.


Guided cooking
  • The electronic assistant manages a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperature and time
  • Digital sensor-controlled cooking process, with sensors located throughout the cavity
  • Food temperature probe for cooking accuracy
  • Cooking programs deliver perfect results