Induction built-in cooktop with integrated downdraft

The new induction built-in cooktop with integrated downdraft beautifully integrates two vital cooking functions. Discover the perfect combination of technology, performance and style. This is the ideal solution for island installations, while still maximizing cabinet storage space.

Developed with Bertazzoni’s Italian finesse and legendary cooking expertise, this new option in kitchen design decidedly expands the possibilities of personalizing the space. The high-powered induction heating zones, activated with precision digital controls, make preparing a meal delightful and fast, while reducing the clean-up to a simple wipe. Simultaneously, the variable downdraft airstream technology handes steam and odors. The custom-crafted vent cover, featuring the iconic Bertazzoni embossed logo, projects an elegant stylistic tone for the kitchen ambiance.


features / technologies
Powerful, efficient, elegant

Induction zones

The induction cooking zones with precise heating controls and sensors include the Booster function for ultra-fast boiling. The multi-zone technology allows to merge multiple heating zones into one, making the cooktop suitable for the largest variety of cookware types and sizes.

9 power levels + booster

Precise variable controls cover all cooking needs, from delicate simmer to intense high heat. The precision sensors prevent boil overs and stop heating after the removal of cookware.

Touch-through-glass digital controls

Each induction heating zone has a dedicated user interface with timer, clearly displaying the selected cooking level.


2 appliances in 1
2 appliances in 1

Integrated ventilation

The dedicated downdraft ventilation control in the cooktop surface allows to set calibrated air venting with 10 speed levels and an auto setting.

Vented or recirculated installation

The integrated downdraft function can be operated in re-circulation or outside venting mode. The engineering of the air intake features a water leak protection system.

Distinctive design

cover design is definitely Bertazzoni. The iconic embossed logo medallion embossed in the air intake cover represents the perfect integration between performance and style.


Powerful yet flexible
Powerful yet flexible

Regenerable filters

The removable carbon filters can be re-generated in the oven for long-lasting use.

Auto Setting

This function automatically adjusts the downdraft fan speed to the power setting of the induction zone.


A perfect combination of technology, performance and style

Discover more about this innovative surface cooking solution that integrates powerful induction cooking and effective aspiration.


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