Speed cooking: fast and efficient

Our speed cooking ovens offer the benefits of a multi-function electric convection system and broiler as well as microwave oven and are big enough to cook for the whole family

Two technologies, twice the speed

By combining three technologies in the versatile Speed oven, you have a great choice of ways to prepare a meal. Whatever dish you are using, there is a mode that will always give you the best results, from convection to regular or broil heating modes. In microwave mode there are five power levels and a boost function. All three heating modes can be used individually or combined into sequential cooking process reducing meal prep times of up to 50%.

features / technologies
How Bertazzoni convection speed ovens work
Watch the video to see Bertazzoni convection speed ovens in action.
Watch the full video
Convection speed oven
  • Twice as fast as standard oven
  • Combination of European convection, broiler and microwave up to 1000W
  • Full size broiler and toaster function
Microwave oven
  • Versatile and easy-to-use
  • Child safety lock
  • 2 ft3, family sized capacity
  • 10 power levels up to 1100 Watts with controls that include pre-set cooking modes, cooking timer and sensor controls for reheat, defrost and cook
Build the perfect oven wall
  • Choose between regular convection ovens, convection speed ovens and convection steam ovens to create the oven configuration that best fits your style of cooking
  • Add a warming drawer for keeping dishes and food always at the correct temperature
  • All Bertazzoni ovens install flush to adjacent cabinets and line up perfectly in a vertical stack and horizontally
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