Carbonio Finish

Bertazzoni's unyielding commitment to the fusion of design and durability culminates in the unveiling of the revolutionary Carbonio finish. It stands not just as a finish, but as a bold declaration of our devotion to crafting beauty that withstands the test of time.

Italy is known for its mastery in artisan metalwork and inspires the world with the artisans' remarkable precision and pristine finishes. Channeling this spirit of perfection, Bertazzoni meticulously infuses their products with the same traditions and high-quality standards, transforming standard appliances into functional pieces of art.

Defining Kitchen Confidence

Carbonio is a matte graphite shaded finish that conveys confidence and strength. This sleek new skin entirely wraps the range - with a conscious absence of exposed stainless surfaces for seamless style - and pairs with a color coordinated range hood. What’s more, the iconic knobs of the Professional Series are presented in titanium finishes, yielding a new, wow-worthy look for the contemporary focal point in the kitchen.


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Crafting Tradition

The new Carbonio finish symbolizes Bertazzoni's undying commitment to creating beautiful yet durable finishes. Drawing inspiration from Italy's famed artisans, known for their masterful attention to detail, Bertazzoni crafts appliances that pay homage to these metalworking traditions, refined over countless generations.

A Stylish Testament to Durability

Our engineering team, joining forces with automobile industry experts, have breathed life into a unique, deep, and radiant finish. Employing techniques honed over the years to achieve the pinnacle in car finishes, the Carbonio finish stands as a testament to durability and beauty. Its subtle textured surface finish and hard-wearing nature resists both acid and temperature corrosion. The result is meticulously balanced testament to endurance and timeless elegance.