Master Series

Practical elegance. Integrated vision. Beautiful efficiency.

With all the efficient qualities you expect from a Bertazzoni, this series has a style that’s all its own, with a sophisticated color palette that makes an artwork of your kitchen.

The Master Series blends the best of commercial kitchen inspired style and advanced technology with fine Italian design. It comes with freestanding ranges and now more capacious ovens, together with wall-ovens, cooktops and a complete suite of appliances matched by design to complete your kitchen.

Coordinated Design

As well as being supremely practical, the Bertazzoni Master Series is also exceptionally good-looking. It has a style that’s all its own, with a sophisticated color palette that transforms your kitchen into a work of art. Confidently shaped metal control knobs and commercial style handles define all the appliances in this Series, which are engineered for performance and a confident look. Every appliance in the suite integrates seamlessly to create a kitchen that is bold, practical and elegant.


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Intuitive controls

Designed to recall the style of commercial kitchens, the traditional, large round full metal knobs are satisfying to the touch and intuitive to use – They are designed to make it clear whether they are on or off at a glance.

Ergonomically-designed handle

The Master Series handle has been designed to help you create a bold, coordinated look across every appliance in the kitchen. The ergonomic shape of the bar section radius sits comfortably in the hand, ideally supporting the opening and closing motion of the range door.

Finished in deep, rich and elegant Bertazzoni Texture paint colors, the Master Series offers a striking and sophisticated look for your kitchen.
Texture paint offers a stunning matt finish in Nero or Bianco. It is tougher and more durable than conventional paint, as well as being heat, oil, stain and scratch resistant.
If you prefer to maintain the commercial kitchen-inspired look at home, Master Series appliances are available in Bertazzoni’s high-quality stainless steel finish. Made from sheets of highly polished steel that are brushed to create a visually interesting surface that is beautifully smooth to the touch. Finally, it is finished with an antifingerprint treatment that resists grease and dirt for easy cleaning.
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Discover Collezione Metalli for Master Series

Now you can add an exquisite personal touch to your Master Series appliances with the new Collezione Metalli Décor set.


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