2021 Kitchen Trend Report

The kitchen has evolved from a purely functional mandate in the home to a space of style and self-expression. As we approach our 140th anniversary, we’re proud to share our unique perspective on the kitchen’s transformative role in the home.


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Ever since 1882, Bertazzoni has built a reputation on quality engineering, and for Italians - perhaps more than in any other culture - there is an intrinsic emphasis on design and beauty. Whether homeowners are refreshing a freestanding appliance, or tackling a full gut renovation, our goal is to help create kitchens that bring joy, arming our customers with authentic materials, designer appliances and best-in-class performance.

Color Trends: Warmer Palettes, Inviting Ambiance

Kitchens are transitioning towards warmer, richer color palettes -- with the return of natural wood cabinetry, and appliances serving as an anchor, with bold colors like orange, yellow, and red taking center stage. Bertazzoni color range sales have grown significantly this year, with red in particular having a moment.


"While there will always be a space for simple, white kitchens, the quiet minimalism of the past decade seems to be giving way to bolder decisions on elements like color, light fixtures, and appliances." -- Orlando Soria, Interior Designer & HGTV “Build Me Up” Host.


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Bold, Sleek and Sophisticated: How Black is Creating Impact

Popularized by home renovation television shows and Instagram alike, the kitchen is experiencing a shift towards darker hues. According to Pinterest, searches for “black kitchens” are at an all-time high, and Bertazzoni has also seen a significant rise in black appliances.


The use of hues ranging from graphite to black in kitchen design has surged. For some, this has meant statement products like ranges, which add visual weight to a space. Others have completely enveloped the kitchen around a darker palette, creating a striking design statement.


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Kitchens that Support Health & Wellness

Increasingly, consumers are using their kitchens as conduits for personal wellness, resulting in a rise in appliances that support healthy lifestyles. Steam ovens are gaining traction as an option to cook with less fat and preserve nutrients, while refrigeration gains imporrtance as consumers invest in organic foods with a shorter shelf life. 


"We are seeing a huge trend in ditching the microwave in exchange for a convection steam oven, as steam assist or full steam functionality has opened an entire spectrum of healthy fast cooking" - Brynn Olson, Founder & Principal Designer of Brynn Olson Design Group

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Design that’s Better for You and the Planet

"Better for you” cooking isn’t just limited to what we’re putting into our bodies - a growing number of Americans are seeking technologies with a smaller carbon footprint and better impact on the environment. Induction cooking is increasingly popular as an eco-friendly solution, and Bertazzoni notes rising induction range sales to match.


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Form Leads...But Function ‘Wows’...with Today’s Integrated Kitchens

The rise of open floor plans has accelerated an emphasis on form. Recently, this has come to life in built-in kitchens with integrated appliances that prioritize beautiful form and flush, seamless design.


“Today’s kitchens are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For a growing number of homeowners, that means seamlessly incorporating appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher or oven into adjacent cabinetry with panel-ready and built-in options. Built-ins can be an important design tool - whether creating a clean and simple space or making room for a statement range to draw the eye with a pop of color.” - Valentina Bertazzoni, Head of Style & Design


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Personalized, Experience-Driven Design is on the Rise

Homes are the latest symbols of aspiration and self-expression. Homeowners are growing more comfortable with mixing styles and making bold design statements and are seeking products that tell a story with unique materials, heritage-inspired designs and more. Gone are the days of designing for resale value - homeowners are creating spaces that will spark joy in their daily life.


Inspired by Italian jewelry-maker craftsmanship, Bertazzoni’s Collezione Metalli offer decorative details, enabling homeowners to express their aesthetic with Gold, Copper, or Black Nickel control knobs and finials.


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Guest Homes Are Gaining Popularity: Smaller Footprints Yield High Design

This year saw many city-dwellers leave for the suburbs - leading some to predict the demise of urban living. However, in tandem, demand is spiking for a newer and more suburban market: in-law suites. These smaller spaces are more likely to have open floor layouts, where appliances can shape the atmosphere of the space - for better or worse. 


"For smaller spaces, every design choice matters. Those with smaller footprints should never have to settle for less and, with this in mind, we’ve made a variety of stylistic options available through our 24” portfolio." - Valentina Bertazzoni, Head of Style & Design


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