Induction cooking: twice as fast with half the energy

All Bertazzoni induction ranges, rangetops and cooktops offer the widest choice of configurations and options. Elegant looks, outstanding performance and a breeze to clean make for an exceptional cooking experience.

The induction technology mounted below the smooth easy-to-clean surface is boasting heat up times of more than twice as fast as in standard radiant electric cooking. Digital precision controls let you you manage the entire cooking process with immediate responsiveness. Heating zone options are available in 4, 5 and 6 zones configurations with different power options, griddle cooking, bridge functions and even an integrated downdraft cooktop model. A first ever in the induction portfolio are several 48” continuous surface range models, with unmatched cooking modes.

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Induction built-in cooktop with integrated downdraft

The new induction built-in cooktop with integrated downdraft beautifully integrates two vital cooking functions. Discover the perfect combination of technology, performance and style. This is the ideal solution for island installations, while still maximizing cabinet storage space.


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Induction ranges
Cooktop induction technology

The unmatched precision and immediate control of power has made induction worktops very popular with home chefs. From high powered boiling to low temperature simmering, the digitally controlled induction zones offer the utmost in control. The oven cooking functions include digital food probe cooking and the integrated Air Fry mode with customized frying basket.

Induction ranges
A 48" induction range with 6 cooking zones

Bertazzoni presents a new 48" induction range with 6 cooking zones, bridge and cast iron griddle, available in all 3 series in stainless steel finish. Upgrade models feature the new Air Fry mode. If you wish to install an all-electric kitchen, Bertazzoni’s brilliantly designed electric ranges will fit the bill with the largest choice of styles and sizes in the industry to suit yours.


Induction ranges
New induction cast iron griddle
This cast iron griddle is designed to sit across the bridge zone for even heat across the entire surface. Comes as standard on XT models, available as an accessory for XV models.
Induction cooktops
Ultra high-speed cooking zones

With instant heat up and cool down, our induction technology delivers 60% faster time-to-boil than regular cooktops. Choose from 4 and 5 cooking zone configurations with additional bridge heating zones in our induction models, to give you versatile choices, whatever you are cooking.


Smart sensors embedded in the glass surface automatically detect the size of your pans, adjusting the heated area to fit their footprint. This makes heating for each induction zone more focused and efficient.


All induction and electric cooktops are designed for safe use day after day. The residual heat indicator lets you see which zones are still hot after they are switched off. A built-in child lock stops the appliance being turned on accidentally.

Induction rangetops
Amazing versatility

Induction rangetops are equipped with an intuitive power bridge zone has been designed to automatically adjust to fit the size of your cookware, from a small milk pan to a large skillet. This not only allows for more efficient heating, but it also uses less energy in the process.


Have instant visibility of the setting for each heating zone of your rangetop with the digital precision display, embedded in the glass surface. The confidently shaped metal control knobs are designed and engineered for performance and a commercial kitchen inspired look.