Master Series Dual Fuel Knob Décor Set - 12 Knobs Gold

Collezione Metalli Master Series


The Gold option is plated with real metal and finished to a high shine with a special treatment to protect it from the wear and tear of kitchen life. As a result, each element will continue to look perfect for many years to come. The Gold-plated finish highlights the elegant design details of your Bertazzoni Master Series appliances – from the control knobs of your range to the finials on the door handles of the refrigerator and dishwasher.

The Collezione Metalli for the Bertazzoni Master Series is available in two finishes: Gold and Black Nickel. Each finish comes in sets that you can buy with your appliance or at a later date. They are simple to install at home, with no special tools. For more details, watch our tutorial video below.

This set contains 12 x knobs in Gold to personalize your dual fuel range.

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How to install Collezione Metalli for Master Series

The sets are simple to install at home, with no special tools or engineer visit needed. Our video offers an easy step-by-step guide to installation. 


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Discover Collezione Metalli for Master Series

Now you can add an exquisite personal touch to your Master Series appliances with the new Collezione Metalli Décor set.


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Collezione Metalli Master Series

Bertazzoni continues to be passionate about bringing tradition and technology together to create exceptionally beautiful, high-performance kitchen appliances.

The new Collezione Metalli offers decorative details to enhance your Master Series range, dishwasher and refrigerator.

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